5 tips on how to finish your flat inexpensively

Cheap flat renovation? It can be done! 5 simple tips on how to finish your flat inexpensively

You are planning renovation of your flat, but you are scared of the cost of it? There are several ways not to eat into your home’s budget, but at the same time get an amazing and fresh effect. The most important thing is to realize already at the planning stage that you do not always have to replace your furniture with new one – sometimes it is enough to renovate it. But renovation is not just about furniture. How about a new tile colour without hacking off wall tiles? Read the tips below and start planning your dream flat makeover.

Where to start when planning renovation?

With a limited budget, it is very important to plan your renovation properly. Remember that not all changes must be made at the same time. Set the stages of work and divide them according to the priority needs. It is also a good idea to determine which tasks will be associated with the most dirt and do them at one time in order to refine your flat interior only in the next stage of work.

Start with the wall!

Sometimes even small changes can make a big difference. Think about refreshing your walls first. Adjust the paint colour depending on the room décor. If you want to brighten up the room interior, opt for bright, refreshing colours such as off-white, warm grey, beige and cream. Unless you are a fan of total minimalism, avoid classic white on all walls – the interior may become too austere then. With space filled with natural light, you can afford more courageous solutions. Strong features on walls are fashionable now.  Dark blue, bottle green, claret and even anthracite colour on one wall will perfectly emphasize the beauty of dark brown furniture, but also contrast with white colour on furniture and other walls.

You can also “play” with patterns and make your wall a room decoration. You do not have to worry about the difficulties related to wallpapering or painting. Opt for Motivo! It is very easy to install a decorative wall – just glue the panels to the wall (the installation instructions can be found in the installation instructions videos). A wide choice of patterns – from wooden, brick to geometric ones – will allow you to best match the design to your and interior’s needs. A great advantage of Motivo is the lack of the need of special wall preparation before installation – the wall may be uneven and have holes, e.g. after unwanted pictures. The whole range of colours can be found here.

Tiles to be changed

And what about walls in the bathroom or kitchen? Fortunately, you do not have to hack off tiles to refresh them anymore. If the tiles are in good condition, just use renovation paint in a more matched, modern colour. See below how dark, overwhelming tiles have become kitchen decoration.

Check out the entire kitchen metamorphosis with Vilo.

For damaged and broken tiles, the Motivo decorative wall will be a perfect solution, as it is 100% waterproof* and easy to clean. Just glue the panels onto the old tiles and enjoy a completely new look of the wall. You can choose a classic marble pattern or a more modern one imitating brick or wood.

For more inspiration read How to quickly renovate a bathroom?

How to renovate old furniture?

Destroyed, unfashionable or mismatched furniture is a nuisance for many people who rent or buy secondary market flats. This problem also arises after many years of furniture use. Replacing the furniture may be associated with significant costs, so it is worth considering renovating it. Traces of hot dishes on the kitchen table, scratched or unfashionable paint, or maybe traces of children’s games? Often it is enough to repaint a non-matching element using a different colour. See how much has changed when a chest of drawers was painted grey and had new knobs installed in the teenage girl room makeover.

Depending on the furniture material, first it is worth looking for advice on how to prepare the base for painting. There are many articles on the Internet concerning furniture renovation. We have gathered the most important issues that you need to pay attention to. 

1. In the case of varnished wood, get rid of the varnish first. Otherwise, the paint may chip off very quickly. If possible, use an angle grinder to spare yourself work. Sanding paper will also have the desired effect, but removing the varnish will take much longer. Also pay attention to the correct paper granulation – the best way to do this is to use P60 – P150 paper.

2. For painting, it is best to use a roller – the paint will spread evenly and you will avoid unwanted “furrows.”

3. If your furniture is made of untreated wood, it is worth painting it – apart from becoming better adapted to the room interior, painted furniture will be also easier for you to clean.

4. Think whether you really need to repaint the whole piece of furniture. In the case of wardrobes and chests of drawers, a fashionable effect can be achieved by painting only the fronts of drawers and cabinets.

5. Upholstered furniture can also be adapted to new trends, but in this case we recommend using the professional services. However, if you still want to renovate your favourite armchair or couch yourself, take part in the upholstery renovation workshops or use tutorials available on the Internet.

The power of DIY, or how to economize on hand-made furniture

For several years now, it has been very popular to use pallets when furnishing flats. It is no surprise! You can conjure real wonders from them at a very low price. To make the bed base, you just need 4 pallets connected to each other using cable-ties (so that the pallets do not move under the mattress). Depending on the size of the mattress (4 pallets make a 240 x 160 cm space), some pallets can be used as shelves, e.g. for books or small plants. A little more difficult to make, but equally impressive, will be a sofa made from pallets. To create it, you will need screws, a drill-driver and angles. If you are thinking about using the piece of furniture on the balcony or in the garden, it is also worth using wood enamel. A great advantage of pallets is that we can paint them in any colour matching the interior design. Pallets can be purchased at popular auction services; it is best to buy them already polished, because preparing them yourself can take a long time. Rough pallets are very sharp and can cause damage to the mattress, or even hurt your family members

Another cheap material to use when making furniture are wooden boxes, which can be found in every grocery store. They are perfect as wall shelves in the kitchen, but also as flowerbeds. They can also be used as shoe shelves. Depending on your needs, if you want to have some extra place for shoes, install a wooden plate in the middle of the box.

* We recommend to use waterproofing – to get more details ask in your selected store

An inexpensive makeover of interior design is possible – just think what effect you want to achieve and how much of the changes you can make yourself. Look for inspiration and start planning!