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A quick and cheap way to revive the dark hallway

In many multi-family residential buildings, the first thing we see after entering an apartment is a corridor – often small, narrow and dark. Can we improve its look? Of course we can! Read a few simple tips how to revive a dark hallway and be inspired to introduce changes.  See how use our Motivo decorative wall to independently and quickly transform your hallway.

Start with the wall!

A well-chosen decorative motif on the wall will optically improve proportions of the interior. If your hallway is low, think about vertical decor that will make it to look higher. Hallways in multi-family residential buildings usually have no windows, so we recommend using bright  colours on walls to brighten the space.

What colour will revive the walls of your corridor?

Paint one of the walls using white or light grey paint, and decorate the other with something spectacular and decorative.   Install Motivo on it. We have chosen grey paint on the longer wall. Then we glued Old Wood decor to the shorter one, as wood pattern warms the space. Remember, however, that this solution will work only with white doors to the rooms. Otherwise, you will get a claustrophobic effect with chaotic colours.

To revive your hallway you can also use the following wooden patterns

Select accessories that will strengthen effect of the metamorphosis

In a small hallway use narrow furniture that does not take too much space, but which may be useful to put away keys, wallets or phones. We suggest items in bright colours, which further lighten the area. Add also a small rug to warm-up the hallway, which often seems a bit cold. Remember that fabric of your rug should be suitable for washing in the washing machine – it will be useful in winter. Try also arrange some plants. Hanging flowers pot are fashionable again and they are perfect for small spaces. Just remember to chose flowers that don’t need too much sun.


Installation is really easy!

Have you chosen your Motive decorative wall? Now simply mount it. You can do it by gluing panels directly to the wall. It’s really easy! Watch the video, and see how simply and quickly transform your interior.

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