How to renovate an interior windowsill?

How to renovate an interior windowsill – a quick change in one afternoon.

A worn windowsill is often the place for various arrangements of flowers, books or candles. However, overly cluttered windowsill hinders access to the window and ceases to perform its primary function – being the finishing of the window. Replacing a window sill is associated with a major, time-consuming renovation and cleaning throughout the apartment. If you want to save time and money, think about renovating this interior element with a windowsill overlay.

Quick change for years to come

High quality veneers and smooth structure of the material guarantee water resistance and easy cleaning, therefore Vilo windowsill overlays will be perfect for kitchen windowsills, in a room or even in a bathroom. The material itself is very resistant to mechanical damage or scratches.  And most importantly, the pattern does not lose its colour when exposed to sunlight.  Once carried out, the renovation of a windowsill guarantees its aesthetic appearance for a long time.

How do I install a windowsill overlay?

Vilo products are for DIY and quick assembly, so also in case of windowsill overlay we wanted to reduce assembly time to minimum. The product is already pre-cut and sold with matching caps. You can fix the overlay by gluing it directly to the old windowsill using basic tools. You don’t have to worry about preparation either – just measure the length of the windowsill and possibly cut the overlay to the right size. This is a great choice for those looking for a way to freshen up their home. This will be especially useful in the case of rented flats – the overlay is a safe way to adapt the interior to your taste without interfering with the structural elements of the building.

In the installation videos you will find step-by-step instructions on how to install the sill overlay.

Match the colour of the windowsill to your interior