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How to make a small kitchen to look modern?

Very often kitchen becomes the heart of our homes. Here we drink our morning coffee, eat together and talk with family members or friends. That’s why it is worth to take care of your kitchen, even when it is really small. Read the following tips and make your kitchen functional modern and cosy.  Remember that refreshing process doesn’t  have to be time-consuming and expensive. Instead of buying new furniture and tiles just modernize your current furnishings. Sometimes painting of old, dark cupboards is sufficient to give your kitchen a completely new character. 

Small kitchen – big challenge?

Small interiors are really challenging, when planning a renovation or repainting. Due to the limited number of options, just focus on the most practical solutions and avoid too many pieces of furniture that may clutter the space and make your movements around the kitchen difficult. Moreover, limit the number of decorative accessories – too many of them will optically reduce the size of the interior and make it look really stuffy. Remember that removing unnecessary items will make your kitchen look more spacious.

Start with the wall!

In a small kitchen colour is very important, so better opt for simple solutions. Avoid the use of small patterns and dark colours. Bright colours will visually enlarge your kitchen and make it look more spacious.  In our metamorphosis we focused on bright shades of grey on walls and ceiling.  Note, however, that it is better to select really bright shade of grey paint to maintain its lightness. Don’t be afraid – bright interior does not have to be boring! Liven up your kitchen by selecting adequate pattern from our range of Motivo decorative walls. We have chosen Scandinavian simplicity with the decoration imitating whitewashed planks (Light Wood decor). With this simple solution we have obtained a unique character of the interior and made it visually higher by a few centimetres. This effect was achieved by long boards vertically mounted on the wall.

See other decors ideal for a small kitchen.

For better results, use a bright colour also on tiles. Don’t worry – this change does not require removing and replacing old tiles – you can simply paint them over.  We used a special, fully white, renovation coating for ceramic tiles. With its satin finish, the coating made the old tiles a real decorative element of the interior.

Take care of details

After major changes, think about details that will make your kitchen unique. In small spaces natural lighting is very important, so do not install heavy or dark shutters curtains. Better solution is a white roller blind made of fabric.  Note that changing the interior does not require replacement of furniture – sometimes it is sufficient to renew or repaint kitchen furnishings choosing more appropriate colour.  In our old kitchen, brown chairs have been repainted white, which made the whole interior more coherent, and grey pillows added some cosiness. Take care also about the visual order on the shelves – replace old dish dryer with a one that look more modern and avoid exposing gaudy labels of food products.  Start from pouring the washing liquid to a decorative bottle and see that even the smallest detail may improve the image of your kitchen.



Installation of Motivo is really easy!

Don’t worry – you can install Motivo by yourself, just glue panels directly to the wall.  This will save your time and money. Remember that our decorative wall is waterproof and easy to clean, so it is suitable for your kitchen. 

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