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How quickly and easily change teenage girl room?

In the life of every parent comes the moment when their little princess turns into a school-girl and then into a teenager. She does not play with teddy bears any more and starts to search for something more”adult”. Her room changes as well. Renovation of the entire room can be very expensive and time-consuming. Tastes of kids and teenagers are changing rapidly and something they like today, could be ‘horrible’ in the next year. But there are ways to do it inexpensively, quickly, and without hiring contractors.

Start with the wall!

To give the room a completely new look, select the pattern matching personality of its user. We have chosen flamingos. Large graphic motif on the wall will visually enlarge the space. To enhance the effect of freshness, paint other walls using one colour, matched to the applied pattern.  We have used an off-white paint which nicely matched the decor.

View other patterns that will rejuvenate the room.

Choose the right accessories

New curtains, pillows, carpets are one of the cheapest ways to makeover the room, not just the one owned by a teenager. These minor changes introduce a whole new feel to the interior. Moreover, the accessories may be quickly replaced when they lost their attractiveness. Creating a space of a child’s or teenager’s room, remember about soothing effects of colours. Select the accessories from a limited range of colours, but for example of various shapes.  This will help you to refresh the interior, avoiding unnecessary chaos.

Remember that you can change the room by renovating its furniture. And that it is possible at really low cost! One way to match the furniture with a new arrangement is simple – just repaint the items using a new, suitable colour.  We did it with a dresser. Its former colour (light brown) introduced a visual disorder. We used a grey paint that perfectly matched to the other elements of new style.

Don’t forget about proper lighting

Remember about different light sources. Make sure that the room is changing its character depending on the time of the day. Install a small stylish desk lamp to facilitate reading and learning. A large ceiling lamp will illuminate the space for playing, while glowing balls will create a comfy mood in the evening, soothing the user. Trust us, the light may work wonders!


Installation is really easy!

Don’t worry –  you can install Motivo components by yourself, just glue panels directly to the wall.  This is especially useful for refreshing children’s room. Walls often have traces of good fun, glue or stickers. When installing Motivo  you don’t have to fill small holes. This is a time-saving solution – the installation is quick and you don’t have spent hours cleaning after renovation works.

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