A new idea for a soft wall finish behind your bed

Upholstered panels for the bedroom – a new idea for a soft wall finish behind the bed

Do you like reading in bed in the evening? Or spending lazy mornings with your family, having breakfast in bed? For comfort, you need a suitable backrest, headboard or… a soft wall! And now, you can easily achieve this at home thanks to Vilo upholstered panels. In addition to functionality, it is also a simple way to create a stylish new look. A small alteration to make the whole interior cosier.

Original wall decoration

The panels are available in various shapes which you can combine to create your own patterns and compositions. In addition to the different shapes, you can also play with colours. Do you prefer a harmonious interior design or a creative hotch-potch? Don’t limit yourself! Create a unique wall that will match your interior. You can choose from 7 colours and 5 shapes – click here to see the whole offer.

What wall colour is the best for the bedroom?

Do you prefer bright colours or strong accents in the bedroom? In both cases, you can choose the right shade of the upholstered panels. If you like darker colours in your bedroom, panels in fashionable bottle green will do the trick. You can highlight them even more with bright accessories: we went for grey and white. And for colour balance in the interior, we’ve incorporated black and another shade of green. Depending on the level of contrast and brightness you want to achieve, you can modify the colour proportions and tones.

Prefer brighter colours in the bedroom? How about contrasting a mustard-coloured wall with navy blue textiles? Such a combination goes beautifully with white furniture and grey accessories.

Upholstered wall in the children’s room

A large selection of colours and shapes allows you to adjust the product to every household member, including the youngest ones. Rose will add a softer look and feel to the room. You can easily combine it with subtle shades of grey, blue and yellow, creating a friendly space for playing, studying and relaxing.

Navy blue upholstered panels are a good choice for the teenager’s room. They feel more mature and go well with other colours. In this room, we went for white furniture with a shade of light oak and yellow and grey accessories. However, navy blue is not just reserved for children’s rooms. When arranging other spaces, you can combine it with dark green, pink or yellow.

Installation of upholstered panels

We are positive you will appreciate the fact that you can quickly install the panels yourself. All you need to do is stick them directly onto the wall. You’ll be finished in less than no time and you won’t leave a mess. Enjoy your new wall right after installation! A video with detailed installation instructions is available here.

Discover the shapes and colours of upholstered panels