See how easy it is!

Doing a bit of refurbishment by yourself? It can be done! You can install Vilo products by yourself or with a little help from your friends. Check out the videos below to see how to install a given product. See how easily and quickly you can change your interior design.

Linela skirting board

Linela skirting boards are glued directly to the wall – all you need to do is apply glue according to the assembly instructions on the label, press the board against the wall and you are done!

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Upholstered panels

We are positive you will appreciate the fact that you can quickly install the panels yourself. All you need to do is stick them directly onto the wall. You’ll be finished in less than no time and you won’t leave a mess. Enjoy your new wall right after installation!

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Internal windowsill

Perfect window finishing? It's possible! You will get the satisfactory effect very quickly. It’s really easy!

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Skirting boards

You’ve chosen the skirting boards ideal for your floor – now it’s time to assemble them. This effect is very quick and easy to achieve.

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Laminate flooring

When installing laminate flooring you can use the services of assembly teams or do it yourself. However, remember to get to know the manual instructions attached to the product.

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Decorative wall Motivo

You have chosen Motivo decorative wall? Now you just have to install it. You can do it by glueing panels directly to the wall. It’s really easy! How long do you think it will take to install the panels on the wall? See the movie and check

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