2 mm
Underlays for panels

Thickness: 2 mm Form: roll Material: extruded polystyrene XPS Check features of underlays

Before laying the underlay, the cement underlay needs to be isolated with 0.2 mm thick, quasi-isolating foil.
The base should be clean, dry, and even.
An underlay should be laid grooved-side down, and the distance between the edges of adjacent rows should be no larger than 2 mm.
Underlay rows should be stabilised in spots with adhesive paper tape.
An underlay should be laid at a 45° angle to the direction the floor panels will be laid in.

Underlays for panels

Underlays for panels

Vilo underlays are a very good product that works perfectly in a residential environment. They level out a floor’s unevenness, are appropriately resistant to mechanical stress and moisture, and provide  optimal acoustic isolation. All of Vilo’s underlays are easy to install. If you’ve chosen underfloor heating, use an underlay with low thermal resistance that’s been specifically designed for such a purpose.

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