Get to know decorative wall Motivo collections. Modern collection.

Modern Collection. For practical people who follow the latest trends.

Get to know Motivo collections. In order to realize all design ideas, decorative wall Motivo has a big range of decors which are divided into 3 collections – Modern, Classic, Fun. Each of them gives you different inspirations and a lot of design ideas. Find out which collection suits you the best. Below we present the next one – Modern collection.

Want to be up-to-date? The Modern Collection was designed just for you. A combination of toned-down colours and bold textures will help you achieve a fashionable look. Adjust your rooms to yourself with a broad range of motives – inspired by traditional materials and artistic fantasy. Modernity has many faces.

Make your room cosy!

Choose from a number of decorative wall panels from the Motivo series inspired by natural wood. The colours on offer will warm your space. They are also extremely versatile — they will suit any room.

Give your space a delicate look

Silvers, mirage effect or fabrics. All those patterns you will find in our offer. Each of them gives you different design ideas. Adjust them not only to the style of an interior but also to its functions. Move your imagination and give your space a new, delicate look by starting with the wall.

Bet on a brick pattern

White or red? We know how good they look. In recent years, bricks became very trendy in interior design. With Motivo panels you can finally have them in your home. The brick pattern is ideal for many areas, clearly defining their character.