Marble and Concrete Inside Your Home? With SPC Panels It’s No Problem!

Marble and Concrete Inside Your Home? With SPC Panels It’s No Problem!

Natural materials are becoming a popular choice for modern interiors. Depending on the style, they can be used to emphasise the austere character of a room or make it more elegant. In modern designs, you’ll often find architectural concrete – a great option if you wish to emphasise the simplicity and austerity of a loft-style interior. But fresh takes on well-known and popular styles, e.g., glamour, are also in right now; here, a marble finish is a popular choice. These materials are, however, quite expensive. In this article we will investigate if they are a good pick for an interior finish and look for alternatives.

Marble and Concrete Inside Your Home – Is It Worth It?

The austere character of modern interiors makes for a great backdrop for a statement piece. Their simplicity gives you a sense of space, which you can see especially in loft-inspired or industrial-style interiors. Concrete can be easily used also in other projects – grey fits in well with almost all styles. It complements other colours and makes them pop.

Concrete comes in many colours and textures, which makes it a great choice for decorating. It can be used on an entire wall or on a smaller fragment. In this way you can make something stand out – for instance, your TV wall. Remember that this material goes well with wood and metal, as well as with a number of types of upholstery fabric, including velour, which will make the interior seem warmer and cosier.

Marble, on the other hand, brings to mind elegance, nobility, and luxury. This is why it is so often found in modern glamour interiors, which tend to be slightly less opulent and simpler than the traditional interiors in this style. Thanks to its patterns it makes for a beautiful finish on larger surfaces, such as walls and floors. But it can also be used as a statement in just one spot.

A marble finish looks best with a minimalist colour palette.  We especially recommend using gold, black, grey, and white. Marble comes in a few colours, so when you’re designing your interior you’ll be certain to find an option that suits the size of the room, the amount of daylight it gets, and the layout, and that appeals to your taste. In interiors with marble, it is best to use high-gloss furniture and glass, crystal, and metal accessories.

Remember that marble and concrete both make the interior seem quite cold. If you want to avoid or soften this effect, use the colour and texture of your accessories.

Perfect Imitation of Marble and Concrete on Your Walls – How To Achieve This Effect?

Both these materials are timeless and can be used in a range of interiors. They do, however, have some downsides. Due to their weight, they cannot be used in places where walls or floors must not bear excessive loads. If you use them in your kitchen or bathroom, you are risking permanently staining them. Many people decide not to use them mainly because of the high price of both the material itself and the installation.

But there is a solution that eliminates all these problems – SPC wall panels. They are much lighter than marble and architectural concrete, the manufacturing technology achieves the perfect rendition of these materials, and the panels are easy to clean and require no regular maintenance.

Note that the price of both the panels and their installation is much lower than in the case of concrete and marble. This is because, among other factors, you can easily install the panels yourself, even if you have no experience in this type of task. 

A Quick Makeover for Your Kitchen and Bathroom – See How Easy It Is!

SPC wall panels are waterproof, so you can easily use them for a quick kitchen or bathroom makeover. Yes! It is possible to quickly redo these spaces. And it has never been easier. To enjoy a beautiful, new look, all you need is the right number of wall panels, the materials, and tools to install them, one free afternoon, and maybe someone to help and you and keep you company.

Wondering how this is possible? In order to install panels on your walls you don’t need to remove the old surface, it’s enough to clean it properly. You can also glue the panels directly onto ceramic tiles, which will save you a lot of time, stress, and money. And there won’t be as much cleaning up to do as after a traditional remodelling. Note also that the panels do not require grouting and, when properly installed, remain 100% waterproof, so you can install them next to the bathtub or as a finish in the shower cubicle. They are also perfect for the kitchen, where they can be used as a finish for spaces between kitchen cabinets. Just remember not to install them next to a cooker.

Trendy Minimalism or Modern Glamour – Decorative SPC Panels in the Living Room and Bedroom

As the panels are also resistant to impacts and scratching, you can use them in more heavily used spaces, such as the hallway. They are also suitable for living rooms and bedrooms. They are ideal for minimalist interiors where an original effect is the end goal In the living room, you can use the panels to divide the space into different areas, for example the dining area and the relaxation area. In the bedroom, they will look good around the bed.

Also note that the panels are warmer and more pleasant to the touch than cool marble or rough concrete. Due to their smooth surface, they are also much easier to clean and more resistant to dirt, including dust.

So, as you can see, you can quickly redecorate your interior without spending a lot of money and time. And the results will delight even those with the most demanding of tastes, who appreciate practical solutions in their interiors.

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