Brick in the interiors

Brick in the interiors – 4 simple tips on how to achieve an impressive effect

Brick walls are one of the hottest trends in interiors. It adds character to the space and becomes a decorative feature for the entire room. And importantly, it fits any style. Bricks will fit perfectly in a modern, minimalist interior, but also in more classic, cosy arrangements. You don’t have to worry – you can have a brick wall without long and expensive works. Simply use Motivo decorative wall to obtain an impressive effect. Brick pattern is available in many colours, and each of them will give your space a different character.

What brick colour should be used in small spaces?

If your apartment is not very spacious, use bricks in white, pale shades. Remember that a brick pattern is a decorating feature – do not use it on every wall. Otherwise, you may visually reduce the space and feel overwhelmed. Paint the remaining walls using a bright colour and you’ll find out how much you can gain only by the “new” walls.

White bricks are ideal for a small hallway. They not only add a character to this part of the interior, but also brighten it (see also  A quick and cheap way to revive the dark hallway).  Note that the hallway is the first part of your home seen by anyone entering it, so take care of its appearance and enjoy its style every time you open the entrance door.

Alternative for tiles

Bright, brick pattern is also a very good concept for arranging the bathroom. Certainly it will give it a fresh and attractive look. Choose suitable accessories and colours to reflect your personal style. If you like peaceful interiors, use delicate accessories in muted colours.

By installing Motivo decorative wall you’ll find that this is the ideal alternative to bathroom tiles. It is not only cheaper, but also it does not require time-consuming renovation works. Before installation, you do not have to remove old tiles – simply glue the panels to them and enjoy the amazing effect. Additionally, Motivo is waterproof and easy to clean, making it suitable for areas exposed to moisture.

Try classic solutions!

Classic red brick is ideal for the living room. Remember, however, that it will visually reduce the space. To make the room look spacious apply the pattern only on one wall – choose the most visible one. Bricks create perfect background for TV and ensure excellent frame behind the sofa.

What is your style – modern or classic bedroom?

Brick wall in bright and warm tones used in the bedroom is a beautiful and subtle decoration. This kind of pattern matches both bright and dark furniture. In this room we do not need a lot of decorations to create an interesting arrangement. Reflect your style by appropriate furniture and accessories – e.g. if you like modernity, select minimalist items. To obtain more cosy and warm interior, choose Provençal-style furniture.

When arranging a brick wall, you can make the interior look modern or more cosy, depending on the brick colour. However, when planning the changes, remember that the brick pattern will be the dominant element in your interior.   

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