How to quickly renovate a bathroom?

How to quickly renovate a bathroom?

Changing the bathroom décor is associated with time-consuming and costly renovation.  Many of us quit the idea of renovating the bathroom just after picturing ourselves surrounded by mess caused by removing tiles. If you think about refreshing the look of your bathroom, read this article and find out how you can do it quickly, and on your own.

Renovation of the bathroom in one day? It’s possible!

If you want to quickly refresh the look of your bathroom use Motivo. Decorative wall is the perfect way for quick and economical renovation.  By using Motivo, you save both money and time. Instead of time-consuming and messy removal of tiles, you can simply glue the panels and enjoy the new look of your bathroom.

What is your favourite style?

Think about effect you want to achieve. Do you prefer a fashionable marble bathroom, modern solutions or southern-European style? Currently, the trendiest are southern inspirations with many patterns, colours and patchworks.  Remember, however, that the excessive accumulation of patterns and colours in a small bathroom may bring undesired effect – instead of decorating and refreshing they will make you feel overwhelmed and the space will look smaller. Therefore, apply a strong accent on one wall, using bright colours on the remaining walls.

For more elegant bathrooms, marble-inspired decors will be perfect. Motivo decorative wall is waterproof, so it is suitable for places strongly exposed to moisture, while the remaining walls should be painted with a special paint, preferably in light colour that matches the decor*. This will reduce the overall cost of the renovation. Also remember that to refresh the look of your bathroom you don’t have to buy new furniture. Sometimes it is just enough to repaint the existing items using more appropriate colours. In this case, we recommend anthracite, which highlights the unique character of the marble decoration on the wall. To make the effect even stronger, select dark towels and buy identical glass bottles for soap and other bathing toiletries.

Remember about details!

Even minor renovation is a good opportunity to make the interior colours more consistent. Just change the mirror, cabinet handles or colour of towels – the choice is yours – follow your style and use favourite colours. See for yourself that even the smallest detail will highlight the effect of the metamorphosis. Start by using containers for segregating and hiding cosmetics in closed cabinets – flashy packaging and product labels bring aesthetic disorder. In the field of view leave only the cosmetics that are frequently used, but take care of their nice look. You can simply pour fluids into special bottles matched to the interior. These small changes will make your bathroom always look neat and clean. The overall effect will be impressive!

* We recommend to use waterproofing – to get more details ask in your selected store

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