Spring in the interior. 5 ideas for refreshing the interior of your home.

Spring in the interior. 5 ideas for refreshing the interior of your home.

A beautiful landscape of colours as Spring blooms outside the window encourages us to reinvigorate our spaces. That’s why this time of year is the perfect time to freshen up your interior. Depending on the needs of the family members, this does not always require large and time-consuming renovations. You can think about a new wall colour or a change in furniture placement. Read the following tips and find out how you can quickly and easily refresh your interior for spring.

Opt for a strong accent colour

Think about what effect you want to achieve. Big change or more of a subtle refresh of the space? If you are dreaming of a bigger revolution, think about a strong colour on the walls. Dark colours – navy blue, bottle green or anthracite – will work perfectly here. Opt for a strong accent on one wall so as not to “darken” the room. Paint the remaining walls with a broken white paint so as not to build too much colour contrast. Don’t worry! Colour revolutions don’t have to involve just painting. Sometimes you just need to replace or add pillows in an intense colour. Also think about a rug to add extra warmth to the interior.

Welcome greenery into your home

Tulips are the sign of spring in full swing – invite them into your interior! Potted flowers are also a good idea, but their selection must depend on your space. A lot depends on whether the room gets sunlight and how much space you can devote to your home jungle. Keep in mind that some flowers don’t exactly like to be repositioned or “poked” as you pass by. In smaller rooms, think about cascading flower arrangements by using stools or tables of different heights or by installing hanging pots.

Consider buying blooming flowers or those with colourful leaves. Hypoestes looks beautifully with its pink-green leaves, but it is quite demanding in maintenance (requires a bright spot, but not directly in the sun, and a moist substrate). A floral motif is also an interesting idea for wall decoration. It is certainly less demanding, and just as impressive!

How about greenery in the bedroom? Opt for textiles in this colour and enjoy the spring atmosphere in your interior. Choose the right shade to match the rest of the interior. Is your bedroom decorated in a single, light colour scheme? In this case, you can choose almost any shade of green and even play with a few shades from the palette.  For a stronger character, choose cushions in an intense bottle green and match it with a more subdued but darker shade of bedspread. Remember, however, that green is very dominant, so be careful not to overwhelm the interior with too many accessories in this colour scheme. If you like more delicate, pastel interiors, stay with gentle shades of green falling gently into grey.

And if the above ideas don’t quite work for your home, you can always stick with floral graphics. There are a lot of floral design posters available these days, from more striking monstera leaves to delicate retro sketches. Framed in a wooden frame, they will compose beautifully with a bright wall.

Open up to the world!

Windows are the perfect place to help amplify the effect of a spring metamorphosis. You can use the windowsill as an extra shelf for flowers – just remember to check which ones like to be exposed to direct sunlight. In the kitchen, use the windowsill as a base for herbs – they look neat and will come in handy for culinary experiments. And if your windowsill needs a major makeover – it’s damaged, stained or simply the colour doesn’t match the interior, then use Vilo’s windowsill overlay. Assembly is really easy. It does not require removal of the window sill, which is a good solution for rented apartments. You can find an instructional video here.

Take care of the details

Sometimes all it takes is a subtle rearrangement of the interior to give it a completely different look. Consider whether, along with spring cleaning, you can introduce a new system for storing things in your home. This will work well in any room, especially in small apartments where we have limited space for storage furniture. And what comes with that – a lot of stuff stays in plain sight.

In the kitchen, we keep frequently used items on top for our own convenience, because we want to have them “at hand”. It is enough to buy airtight containers, jars and bottles in which we can store all foodstuffs in an aesthetic, practical and safe way. In this way you will get rid of flashy labels, ruining harmony in your kitchen (read more about kitchen metamorphosis with Vilo here).

Small storage accessories are also a good idea for children’s rooms, which are often drowning in all sorts of toys. It’s a good idea to buy some smaller boxes and bins, as this will make cleaning up and pulling toys out of the bins easier. Together with your child, you can introduce a unique treasure sorting system. This will make it easier to prepare for the next playtime (pulling toys out of one big container always ends in a carpet disaster) and will teach your child discipline. When the fun is over, everything ends up in the designated container. The best accessories are those with lids – this way you can hide the contents, and additionally thanks to a flat surface you can put something on them.


Every family member should have a place where they relax and unwind. It doesn’t require huge renovations, sometimes it’s enough to rearrange the furniture in such a way that everyone has their own space. Of course, this is not always an easy task, especially for families with young children. However, it is worth taking care of the little things that will allow you to enjoy your free time even more. There may be as many ideas as there are ways to relax at home, but think of a few proven solutions. Make sure there’s adequate lighting so you can settle down with your favourite book in a comfortable armchair or celebrate longer mornings with an aromatic coffee. If you’re a fan of soft light, then think about candles. You should choose those with your favourite scent to enhance the relaxing effect. And if relaxation means spending time actively for you, then try to carve out a free space in one room that is suitable for creative activities. This way, you won’t waste time rearranging your furniture each time. Whatever your needs, make your place unique and feel comfortable.