Wooden wall in the interiors

Add cosiness to your interior – ideas for a wooden wall in your apartment

Wood is a material that gives the interior a timeless and elegant character. Wooden touches work well in any home space – in the living room, bedroom, kitchen and even in the bathroom. Properly selected wood touches will give the room a warm and cosy atmosphere. And most importantly, wood is very versatile – it blends well with a wide range of materials and is an ideal background for many different colours. That is why you do not have to be afraid to give up your design ideas, but only to adjust them to your individual taste. Read a few simple tips and get inspired to change!

What shade to choose for a small space?

Small interiors require more attention when planning a renovation or even refurbishment. Every detail is important, because the wrong choice can make the room appear optically smaller. If you are dreaming of a wooden wall in your small space, then opt for whitewashed wood and strengthen the effect by choosing pastel accessories. Such a colour combination will be ideal for the bedroom, giving it a warm character.

A wide range of colours may be used when choosing accessories, should you decide on whitewashed wood. In addition to the aforementioned pastels, most colours are suitable for whitewashed wood. If it is a wood with shades of grey, i.e. cold, choose accessories in the form of warm greys and browns. Complete the transformation with matching white curtains and beige bedding. If you choose whitewashed wood in a warm shade, cold shades will be the most suitable.

What colours should I choose for dark wood?

If you like interiors with more intense colours, opt for a décor that imitates dark wood. This simple step will give your space an elegant style. Also consider the appropriate accessories. In this case, the character of the interior will be enhanced by dark grey, black or burgundy accessories. A dark wooden motif on the wall is a good idea for decorating your living room. You need only apply it to one of the walls and paint the others with a warm shade of brown, at least 3-4 tones lighter than the wood on the living room wall. Remember, however, that the colour of your walls must match the adjacent door. Dark wood will not go together well with brightly coloured doors. If this is the case, give up dark colours and go for a light wooden wall.

Dark wood is also a perfect background for household plants, which will enliven the whole apartment.

A wooden motif in the bathroom? With Vilo it is possible!

Tiles are not the only solution for finishing walls in bathrooms and kitchens. If you want to add cosiness also in wet areas*, opt for Motivo. The decorative wall is waterproof and easy to clean – just water and any ordinary cleaning agent will do. This simple approach will give your space an interesting character and keep its functionality. Are you looking to renovate your bathroom? Read How to quickly renovate the bathroom by yourself

* We recommend the use of waterproofing – for details, ask your shop assistant.

Ensure the harmony of your interior

In order to give an apartment a new look, there is no need to plan a time-consuming and comprehensive renovation. One wooden touch is enough to give the interior a completely different character. In the living room, the way to go is to decorate the wall behind the TV, and in the kitchen – the most exposed wall, e.g. next to the table. Remember to limit yourself to 2-3 types of wood in a given room, because too much of this material can be a bit overwhelming. Match the wooden wall to the colour of the floor but avoid combining warm and cold tones. Colour balance in the interior is very important, so avoid an overabundance of warm and cold colours.

The following shades of wood work well together: red and brown, yellow and dark brown, and pink and red. When planning a change, remember that every type of wood has its own style of reference. A rustic interior calls for matt wood, while a glossy wood is definitely more suited to a modern interior. Think about which style you like the most and start planning your own wood revolution!

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