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Vilo means perfect products for everyone looking for interesting design at a reasonable price. Start with the wall – choose Motivo. No more problems with wallpapering, plastering or painting. Intuitive installation and a huge range of patterns will let you adjust the room as you wish.
Motivo is water-resistant and easy to clean, which is why it perfectly works in the kitchen, bathroom or hallway. Thanks to its durability it will serve you for years.
Motivo is a DIY product, so anyone can install it without construction team. The assembly is so simple that it quickly turns into fun with family or friends.

Quick to install

Quick to install

Easy and quick change which fun
for the entire family.

Glued to the wall

Glued to the wall

Installation is so simple! The panels can be easily glued directly to the wall.



Yes, off course! Our wall is water resistant, it perfectly passes the exam in spaces exposed to water and moisture.

5 years guarantee

5 years guarantee

Expect the best results! The Motivo wall is durable and will serve you for years.

Choose your color

Check how
easy it is!

You have chosen Motivo decorative wall?
Now you just have to install it. You can do it by glueing panels
directly to the wall. It’s really easy!
How long do you think it will take to install the panels on the wall?
See the movie and check

Play the movie

Product information

Check dimensions of Motivo panels

The decorative wall is built from light panels with 265 cm of length. The panels differ in width and their number in a package. See the panels in both widths.

Choose the best option for you

Motivo wall is available in a wide range of patterns for everyone to make their ideas come true. We created special pictograms describing the rules of pattern composition to help you orient in our broad offer. Choose the best offer for you.

Decors marked with this pictogram are 33 cm wide. There are 3 panels in the package.
All 3 panels are needed to create a full pattern.

This pictogram means that in the package are 4 panels with a width of 25 cm.
You need 4 panels to create a full pattern.

This pictogram means that there are 3 panels with a width of 33 cm in the package.
Each panel is the same - the pattern is repeatable.

In this case, each of the 4 panels with a width of 25 cm is the same,
that means the pattern is repeatable.

Files to download

DOP PK 1 2015

Hygenic certifcate

Reaction for fire classification


Instruction for installation and use - short version

Instruction for installation and use - full version

Pick one of our finishing trims.

You can choose from a self-adhesive, universal B6 finishing trim and B1-B5 trims wchich are dedicated to a specific application when assembling Motivo walls.

Learn more
Pick one of our finishing trims.

See the catalog of Motivo decorative wall

View the catalog of decorative wall and get to know Motivo even better. Find lots of inspiration with great ideas and solutions for your home.

See the catalog of Motivo decorative wall

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